Sound absorbers

We analyze and address your noise problems

Silentdecor has extensive know-how and a wide range of noise reduction and sound insulation soundproofing products. All our products are manufactured in Sweden and meet high standards in terms of quality, environment and health.

Offer: Free of charge acoustic analysis
Companies, schools, hotels, sports facilities and other slightly larger premises often have noise problems, which is why we offer a free site visit. We visit your premises and perform an acoustic analysis. You will then receive a quote with proposals for measures.


Silent Chair

We have just developed a brand new chair base. This removes vibrations that occur in chair legs when they are moved. We have developed this during the summer and now it is finally time for launch.

To develop this, we used our sound camera to get to the bottom of chair noise. This test clearly showed that it is the chair seat and back that emit the sound. To bring this down, the legs need to vibrate less.

Silent Chair 16-20mm

Our customers

There are many requests for Silentdecor's expertise in noise, vibration and acoustics. Here are our largest customer groups.

Akustikhjälpen - free advice from specialists

We have launched Akustikhjälpen - a service that guides you to the right noise reduction and soundproofing.

For larger stakeholders, we offer a free site visit.

Private individuals can get free telephone and email advice.

Popular products

Our products are suitable for most premises. See our our online shop for more products and feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need customized solutions.

Removing noise sounds easy...

...but to do it successfully, you need a lot of knowledge about acoustics, vibrations and noise solutions. We at Silentdecor have been working with acoustics since 2004 and are specialists in how sound and noise move and how to deal with different tones. Our knowledge and experience is the foundation on which on which all our advice and consultation rests. The same goes for our acoustic products. You get get market-leading sound absorbers developed by noise specialists and professionals.

Manufacturing in Småland

Silentdecor is headquartered in Nässjö, Sweden. in Småland and our products are manufactured in our own factory. This is where our sound absorbers such as bench screens, acoustic boards and suspended ceilings are created - products that have become a success in Sweden and are now starting to have an international impact. Silentdecor's success goes hand in hand with a passion for acoustics, vibrations, noise solutions and a love of quality. to quality. Manufacturing meets high standards and results in market-leading products. products.

Shop for sound absorbers in the Online Shop

Silentdecor's online store is a central part of our company. Many schools, companies and individuals order products that are delivered from the factory in Småland. We never never compromise on quality and function.

It started with design

Silentdecor started as a pure design company. We designed sound absorbers that were as stylish as they were effective. Today, design is still a central part of Silentdecor. We design and sell sound absorbers that are so beautiful that some customers buy them mostly for the design. As a customer, you can choose to get the products in standard design, in different color or with a unique print.

Gentle on people and nature

Silentdecor's customers demand more than reliable function. Sound absorbers in schools, businesses and homes should be made of healthy materials that do not release toxic substances. For us, it is a matter of course to follow and work actively in accordance with Non-toxic preschool. The materials in our products are gentle and chemically smart. We print with water-based ink, never anything else. 


All our sound absorbers are fire rated and approved for loose fittings. Fire tests are currently underway to ensure that all products are also approved for fixed interiors. Please visit the RISE website to read more about this.

Customers all over Sweden

Our advice and our sound absorbers have become a winning concept. Schools, companies and private individuals all over Sweden turn to Silentdecor for guidance in acoustics, noise, vibrations and to buy sound absorbers.


Do you need a bench screen, acoustic board or a soundproof ceiling? Or a unique solution not yet available on the market? Visit our webshop or contact us for free noise advice and consultation.

Sound camera

We have invested in a sound camera, which allows us to find your problems more easily and thus solve your noise problems.

The cost for this is as follows:

Sound camera small 5200:- (about 1-2 hours)

Audio camera large 8900:- (about 3-4 hours)

This is booked and purchased in our webshop or call 0708937543

If you want to see how it works, you can click the button below.