Acoustic aid

Are you in need of soundproofing measures but don't know what to choose? Then you are welcome to use our free Acoustic Help service. We visit you and you get an assessment of your property with suggestions for measures and what it would cost.

Each property is unique

A site visit is often required to make a thorough assessment. We measure noise levels, examine wall and ceiling materials and more. You get an initial assessment from staff who have been specializing in acoustics since 2004. We know how sound travels and how to deal with different tones. Our knowledge and experience is the foundation on which all our advice and consultation rests.

Site visits for industry, office, school, hotel, restaurant, sports hall...

The free site visit offer applies to companies, schools, hotels, sports facilities and other slightly larger stakeholders. Unfortunately, we are not able to visit private individuals to the same extent. Private individuals have the possibility of free telephone and email advice. Our knowledge of acoustics and noise is our greatest asset assets and we are happy to give advice and share our experience.

It starts with photos

The first step is to send us photos of your premises. The more photos you send, the better we can prepare for a site visit.

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