Acoustics help for Restaurant and Pub

Just as important for guests as employees

Restaurant and bar environments place special demands on acoustics. Guests talk, cutlery clatters and music fills the room. In addition, restaurant premises are rarely suitable for many people in a small space.

Silentdecor helps large and small restaurants achieve better acoustics. We like to start with a free site visit where we examine your premises. Then you get our assessment of what should be done and a quote to consider.

Top seller for restaurants

When design is as important as function

With many people in the premises, there are special requirements for acoustics. Unfortunately, design and experience are often the only priorities when restaurants are built and renovated. It is possible to build beautifully and acoustically from the start. And with the right measures, it is possible to the acoustics can be corrected afterwards.

Silentdecor's solutions are characterized by ideal function and design. tailored to each unique restaurant environment. Should sound absorbers and other products add beautiful value or be discreet and blend in with the rest of the decor? You choose and we are happy to guide you.