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Do you also want to avoid noise at home?

What should I do to avoid noise from my neighbours? How can I improve sound insulation between rooms in my home? And how can I improve the acoustics in my living room and kitchen? Many people have problems with noise and inadequate acoustics, both in houses and apartments. houses and apartments.

Silentdecor has extensive experience and many products for homes and houses. With our proven Swedish-made sound absorbers, you can have a more pleasant and relaxing home. Take the chance and get rid of the sounds that disturb you.

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Older houses and new construction

Many older houses have thin windows and walls that do not resist sound very well. With acoustic tiles and other sound absorbers can solve many sound problems.

Poor acoustics are also common in new buildings. In recent years, there has been a lot of construction, and often the construction process has to be fast. Unfortunately, one downside is that acoustics and sound absorption are neglected. A beautifully functional house is completed, but after moving in, reality sets in: poor acoustics and disturbing noise from neighbors become a boring part of everyday life.

Unique design that enhances the interior

Silentdecor products are beautiful in their own right, which is not surprising since we started as a design company. Even today, product design is a central part of what we do. You can can also get a unique sound absorber with the desired motif. You can do this easily by providing us with a desired photo. Then we print with water-based ink in an environmentally friendly process

A variety of sound absorbers

There are effective measures you can take to block out unwanted noise. Silentdecor offers many products suitable for villas, townhouses and apartments, for example:

  • Acoustic tiles for walls and ceilings
  • Audio screen
  • Acoustic board
  • Acoustic lamp
  • Felt mat
  • Silent socks
  • Which products should you choose for your home?

    Choosing products can be difficult, especially if you don't have much experience with acoustics. When sounds come from the next door neighbor, different measures are needed than when the sounds come from the neighbor above. Call us at Silentdecor for guidance. You can also use our free Acoustic Help service. You take photos of your home and email them to us along with a description of the problem. You will then receive our assessment and suggestions for action.

    The need for soundproofing is huge

    Loud music from the next door neighbor, or the thumping of children running on the floor above? floor above? You are not alone in experiencing noise problems of this kind. Many houses are poorly constructed, which means that even everyday activities can be disturbing to neighbors. neighbors. With the right soundproofing and soundproofing, you can avoid these problems and enjoy a more comfortable life.