Soundproofing for businesses

Many offices have noise problems

Problems with high noise levels and unwanted sounds are very common in office environments. Noise problems reduce concentration and efficiency. Employees may also suffer from ill health as a result of noise problems.

We at Silentdecor are happy to visit your premises and perform an acoustic analysis. How does sound travel in your your premises and which soundproofing measures have the best effect? After the analysis, you will receive our assessment and a cost proposal.

Top sellers for offices

Open plan offices and large windows

Many modern offices are beautiful and inspiring, but unfortunately they are often poor from a sound perspective. For example, open office spaces and large glass panels mean that sounds are not being captured and muffled.

Sound absorbers on the floor, wall or ceiling? Our extensive experience allows us to quickly provide you with the right soundproofing and soundproofing products.

Stylish and trendy design

Soundproofing and sound insulation may sound dry and boring, but it doesn't have to be. really doesn't have to be. Silentdecor offers a wide range of products to suit most tastes. tastes. We help you improve the acoustics of your acoustics without compromising on design and decor. With sound absorbers of different types (acoustic panels, sound screens, sound mats, floor screens, edge absorbers) you can achieve a healthier and more productive office environment. Both the company and the individual employee are winners.

Absorbents for industry, factories, warehouses and much more

Silentdecor's products have spread to virtually all industries. The need for soundproofing measures varies, but it exists almost everywhere. Feel free to contact us for more information or to book a visit where we analyze your premises and present proposals for measures.

The GDPR imposes new higher requirements

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) poses many challenges for businesses, including soundproofing and noise reduction measures. Is there a risk that what is said in the reception area will be heard by people in other parts of the premises? New stricter legal requirements mean that sensitive information must not be disseminated under any circumstances. The need to make premises more soundproof is huge.