Specialists in acoustics and solving sound problems

Silentdecor employees have been working in acoustics since 2004. We know how sound travels and can perform a thorough acoustic analysis before presenting our proposed solution. When you hire Silentdecor, you will receive initial advice on sound and noise reduction and top quality products. Manufacturing takes place in our factory in Nässjö in Småland.

Common customer groups

Industries, offices, schools, restaurants and sports halls are some of our major customer groups. After a free site visit and an acoustic analysis, we can present a proposed solution.
We also do a lot of work for private individuals, for whom we offer free telephone and email advice.

All customer groups can also shop for sound absorbers and other products in our online store.

Excellent function and stylish design

Silentdecor began as a design company. We designed sound absorbers to be both stylish and effective. The sense of design is in our DNA. When you choose Silentdecor, you get products that are characterized by their high quality and attractive design. Sound absorbers that discreetly blend in with other furnishings or that become attractive additions and enhance the overall impression of your premises? The choice is yours and we are happy to provide advice and tips.


Mikael Svensson,
owner of Silent Decor

I have been working with sound and vibration since 2004. I'm the one you ask if you have sound problems, and together with my colleagues and partners I can help you achieve a better sound environment. You can find our general terms and conditions here.

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