Smart sound absorber for edges and corners

TRIABS™ removes unwanted noise and provides better acoustics. The room where the sound absorbers are placed becomes significantly calmer and more comfortable. The solution is particularly suitable for removing low-frequency noise, such as noise from ventilation, electronics, machines and motors.

TRIABS™ is a registered trademark owned by the Sound Ombudsman. Silentdecor is an authorized dealer and we offer this sound absorber in several variants and sizes. You can choose the material, color and print.

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Top seller Triabs

Easy installation

The installation of TRIABS™ is quick. The sound absorbers are placed in the edges or corners of the room and then provide a much better sound environment. You get rid of low-frequency noise, which even at low levels can cause symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, stress and headaches. You are investing in your acoustics but also in your health and well-being.

We at Silentdecor have been working with TRIABS™ for three years. We have sold the product several times and seen the difference it can make in everything from industries to office environments.