Soundproofing measures for industry and factories

Meet legal requirements and create a healthy working environment

Industries and factories present particular challenges in terms of noise and sound reduction. Legal requirements and regulations must be met, but it is also a matter of creating a healthy working environment where employees feel comfortable and perform well. Thoughtful soundproofing is an investment for the future that contributes to better health and profitability.

We at Silentdecor have extensive experience in soundproofing for industry. We offer a free site visit where we visit your premises and make an acoustic analysis. Then we propose measures and you get a quote to consider.

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Tailor-made solutions

Industries and factories can look very different, both in terms of the nature of the premises and the the nature of the premises and the machinery used. Therefore, we recommend starting with a free site visit where we go through the premises together with you.

Silentdecor has carried out assignments to both large and small industries. We have accumulated experience from assignments of various kinds, which we use when we help you. Welcome to hire us.