Improving acoustics in sports halls

Measures for padel courts, ice rinks, swimming pools and other sports facilities

There's a big difference between small gymnasiums and large sports arenas - but both need thoughtful acoustics. Sound absorbers, noise barriers and other measures may be required to provide a positive experience for athletes, staff and spectators.

Silentdecor creates tailor-made solutions for sports halls. We visit your sports facility free of charge and make an acoustic analysis. You will then receive a quote with our suggestions for improvements.

Top sellers for sports halls

A variety of activities and events

It is common for a sports hall to be used for several types of activities and events. Different sports, concerts and other events share the same space. Then it is important to have an acoustic foundation that is well thought out and flexible.

Silentdecor is hired by municipalities, sports clubs and companies. Each sports hall is unique when it comes to parameters such as volume and choice of materials in floors, walls and ceilings. Our task is to make the best of the conditions and the customer's budget.