Soundproofing for schools and kindergartens

High noise levels and difficulty in concentrating?

Swedish schools have major problems with high noise levels, especially in classrooms. This means that means that both students and teachers quickly get tired and lose concentration. Fortunately, there are effective and proven soundproofing solutions for schools and the school environment.

Silentdecor is used by schools that want to achieve better acoustics. In doing so, they increase the well-being of students and staff and are well placed to achieve better academic results.

We like to start with a free visit where we make an acoustic analysis of your premises. We will then give you our assessment of what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Products for schools

Countertop - a success and best seller

By providing your students with professional desk screens, you are contributing to peace and quiet and optimizing the students' chances of good results. A proper and sound-absorbing screen has proven to make a big difference.

Our screens are developed by us at Silentdecor and manufactured in Småland. The products create a quieter and safer study environment for everyone at school and can be particularly important for children and young people with special needs.

Get rid of the sludge from your chairs with Silent Socks!

Another absorbent in our range is Silent Socks, which solves one of the major noise problems in schools: noise and slamming from chairs being dragged across the floor and under tables and desks. In addition, Silent Socks reduce the "collision noise" between, for example, chairs and table legs. Silent Socks are also gentle on the floor and the human body. You avoid scratches and stains on the floor and you avoid heavy lifting.

The inner rubber ball with its internal support helps Silent Socks to sit securely on the chair leg. Silent Socks is a Swedish soundproofing product developed for tubular steel chairs that reduces scraping noise by up to 18 dB, compared to the chair's original base. Even a reduction of 8-10 dB is perceived as a halving of the sound level.

Preschool - effective sound absorbers

Preschool is one of our larger target groups, just like school. Preschools order products in our online store or contact Silentdecor for advice. The problems are often the same as in schools. Large groups of children produce high noise levels that the premises cannot handle satisfactorily. With Silentdecor's absorbers, noise levels are reduced to a more comfortable level, reducing stress and fatigue for both children and teachers.

Absorbents for each unique school environment

Different schools and preschools can have very different challenges when it comes to soundproofing and removing unwanted noise. Our long experience of noise reduction in preschools and other contexts is a great asset when we can help you achieve lower noise levels with increased well-being and improved school results.

Non-toxic preschool

Silentdecor follows and works actively in accordance with the Non-Toxic Preschool Directive. The material in our products is gentle and chemically smart. We print with water-based ink, never anything else.