Acoustic board Autumn

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720 kr - 4336 kr

Acoustic board Autumn is one of our new boards with standard motifs. Available as standard in the following sizes 300x150cm, 300x100cm, 250x100cm, 200x100cm, 150x100cm, 100x100cm, 100x50cm, 50x50cm, round 120cm, round 90cm and round 60cm.

Material: Wooden frame filled with polyester

Thickness: 5cm

Application areas for our acoustic panels are public environments, schools, preschools, home environments, etc. Polyester is a much better material, from a working environment point of view, than other materials used in acoustic products.

Our boards are A-rated and they are tested at SP in Borås, this is the best rating you can get. The measurement is made in a reverberation room according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654 performed by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The material is also fire rated and approved for loose furnishings.