Silent Socks Original

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Silent Socks furniture cup

This furniture pad consists of an outer sock made of felted wool, combined with an inner support in the form of a rubber ball. They are suitable for smooth floors without hard joints, such as linoleum and plastic floors or smooth lacquered parquet.

These floors are common in many public settings, such as schools and healthcare facilities, but are also found in many private homes and office workplaces.

Just like your socks, Silent Socks are a textile product that wears differently on different surfaces. Silent Socks are also as gentle on your floors as a pair of regular socks. To enjoy your Silent Socks furniture pads for as long as possible, choose the right model for your floor. Contact us for more information.

This furniture base is easily mounted on chairs with tubular steel legs. No tools are needed. Original feet should also not be removed before installation. The tubular steel legs can have both internal and external plastic feet. Thanks to an internal support, they are still securely attached.

If you combine these paws with one or more of our acoustic panels, you can get rid of a lot of the annoying noise.

For steel pipe legs with a diameter of 16-22mm

Delivery time about 14-21 days.

If you want to read more about sound absorption and acoustics, go to Wikipedia. There is a lot about the subject of acoustics.

We now also sell Silent Socks Original. We have them in 6 colors.

Color: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Red, Blue and Brown

The price is per piece