General conditions

Conditions of purchase

Silent Decor Sweden AB


Honesty is important to us. We want you as a customer to notice this. The prices you see in the catalog and on our website are the prices that apply. Our prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) excluding VAT. The prices are valid until further notice
For products included in different campaigns, the prices apply during the current campaign period. Silent Decor Sweden AB has the right to adjust prices due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. increased taxes, currency fluctuations, etc.) and in case of obvious errors in the stated price.

Quotation - We are happy to provide a quotation upon request. Please contact our customer service.


In all our channels, legal entities (such as companies, public administrations, etc.) can choose to pay by invoice. When applying for an invoice, a standard credit check is carried out. This may mean that we require an advance payment. The invoice is sent separately from the shipment to the registered invoice address and must be paid within 30 days.
In the event of late payment, penalty interest is charged corresponding to the reference rate +8% applicable at any time. A reminder fee is charged.
We care about the environment and would like to send a PDF invoice to your email address. You can easily register this in connection with your order.

Card payment

In our online shop you can pay by card. You can pay with VISA or Mastercard. After you have confirmed your purchase at the checkout, you can enter your card details including your CVC code. The transaction takes place with SSL encryption, which means that no unauthorized person can see your information. The transaction is handled by DIBS by Nets. Our website meets the requirements PCI DSS and 3D Secure. Silent Decor Sweden AB does not have access to your card details and cannot store them. We do not accept foreign bank cards.
Klarna payment


Delivery time varies depending on the product and quantity, but expect 2-4 weeks.

Terms of delivery

We deliver with an agreed shipping fee.

If delivery cannot take place as planned due to obstacles at the customer's premises, the shipment will go back to our carrier and they will contact you to agree on a new delivery date. In these cases, a delivery cost will be charged. If the shipment could not be delivered within 3 days after the first attempt, a terminal fee will be charged until the shipment is delivered. After 15 days, the shipment will be returned to Silent Decor Sweden AB and the customer will then be responsible for the costs incurred by Silent Decor Sweden AB for the delivery.
To consider when delivering:
Make sure there is someone to receive the goods when they arrive.
Notify if there are special restrictions on vehicle traffic / obstacles to accessibility at the delivery address.
Larger deliveries may require access to a truck or loading dock for unloading; if this is not available, contact our customer service to ensure that the goods are transported by a vehicle with a tailgate lift.
Remember that the goods can be carried in without the risk of damage to persons or property when purchasing the additional service of carrying in.

Transport damage & misdirection

Company/legal entity: If there is visible damage to the packaging at the time of delivery, this must be reported to our carrier's driver and on the waybill/handheld computer before the shipment is signed for. In order for the complaint against the transport company to be handled correctly, you must take a picture and save the packaging, address label and any pallet that came with the freight-damaged shipment.
If the product has been damaged during transport, i.e. hidden damage, it must be reported immediately to our customer service, but no later than 7 days after receiving the shipment. When reporting, we need a picture of the damage on both the packaging and the product. We will arrange a new delivery free of charge for you as a customer so that you get a flawless product.
Private person/Consumer: If the product is damaged in transit at the time of delivery, please report it immediately to our customer service. In order for us to claim the damage, we need to report the transport damage to our carrier within 7 days. We therefore need to have your notification of the damage within this time.
We will arrange a new delivery free of charge for you as a customer so that you get a flawless product.
If the shipping damage is visible on the outer packaging, it is important that you indicate it to the driver and on the waybill before you sign for the shipment. In order for our claim against the transport company to be handled correctly, you must save the packaging, the address label and any pallet that came with the damaged shipment.

Force Majeure

Silent Decor Sweden AB is not responsible for damage or delays due to legal orders, government action, mobilization, war, natural disaster, seizure, currency restriction, system failure, errors or limitations in deliveries from subcontractors, strike, lockout, boycott, blockade or other similar circumstances that either prevent or complicate Silent Decor Sweden AB's performance to such an extent that it cannot be done other than at abnormally high cost.


Right of return

You always have the right to return a product you are not satisfied with within 14 days. The goods must not be damaged and must be returned in their original packaging. Contact our customer service for more information.
You have the right to open the packaging and examine the product to the extent necessary to assess whether you are satisfied with it. If you choose to cancel your purchase and return the item, it must be in unaltered condition. If the item is examined more than what is considered sufficient and/or the item is damaged, we have the right to make a value reduction of up to 100%. All accessories, instruction manuals, etc. must be included in the return. Remember to pack the item well, as you are responsible for returning it to us. The original packaging is always the best protection.
The right of return does not apply in the following cases:
- Custom-made rugs
- Custom-made products, products that are not included in our regular range.
- When buying larger quantities, or products for a larger amount, the right of return only applies if you first ordered a sample. The right of return then only applies to the sample.

Return information

Contact our customer service, to notify us that you intend to make a return and to receive a return shipping label. The return must be made within 14 days of receiving the delivery. Further instructions on how to proceed are included in the email with the return shipping label. You as a customer are responsible for the return shipping. The cost of the item will be credited. We recommend that you send the return with traceable transport as you as a customer are responsible for the delivery reaching us.
Keep in mind that you are responsible for any damage to the product when it is shipped back to us. When returning, the original packaging must be used to protect the product. The product must be complete, which means that all accessories, instructions, etc. must be included in the return.


A refund is always made via a credit note. This is normally done within 30 working days from the time we have received a message from you as a customer, that we have received the product and approved the return.
We refund the value of the product, NOT the shipping cost.
Warranty and Complaints.


We keep our promises! Quality for us means that you as a customer should never have to feel dissatisfied. You always have a minimum 1-year functional and material warranty on all products. The warranty applies to functional and manufacturing defects that occur during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to defects that arise from normal wear and tear or after your own changes to the product's function and appearance.
In the event that you wish to complain about your product, please contact us as soon as possible via and determine whether the problem is covered by the warranty. If so, Silent Decor Sweden AB will provide spare parts or replace with a similar or equivalent product or cancel the purchase.


Inspect all products upon receipt for possible damage. Visible transport damage must be noted on the delivery note immediately upon receipt. Hidden transport damage (not visible on the packaging) is reported within 7 days to our customer service. Other complaints are also reported directly to our customer service.


Silent Decor Sweden AB does its utmost to collect as little data as possible about you. The information we need is the following to be able to complete our commitment to you as a customer with us.
Here is a description of the information we need.
Name, address, telephone number, email address. This data is important to us in several respects, e.g. to ensure that no persons under the age of 18 shop with us, but also so that we can help you with warranty issues.
It is Silent Decor Sweden AB 559148-7300 that is responsible for personal data and processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204), which is replaced by the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR May 25, 2018). The data can be processed by us or one of our partners. Our purpose is to fulfill our commitment to you as a customer, or to inform about offers. We will also process the data for market analysis and customer analysis for our marketing and business development.
By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to be contacted for marketing purposes. We may contact you by post, SMS, email or other means. Silent Decor Sweden AB works hard to give you as a customer a better experience of our offers and products. This means that we use several criteria for our marketing, such as purchases in a particular channel, purchase of assortment, purchase size, purchase frequency. Our customer data will also be supplemented in order to provide the best possible customer care. As a customer, you have the right to access our information about you upon request. If we have incorrect or missing information, it is our responsibility to correct it.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here.